Connecting the world through art


Connecting the world
through the power of art


Whether you’ve been sketching for years or are just picking up a paintbrush for the first time, you’re in the right place. Moment Sketchers is a global sketching community dedicated to slowing down, sharing our world, and supporting one another on our creative journeys.


Once a month, we come together to put our passion for sketching into practice. We sketch on our own first, and then use social media to share our sketches with each other.

Classes &

Nothing compares to the magic of in-person connections, especially when it comes to learning. Our inspiring workshops help you grow even further as a sketch artist.

How to Start

From a detailed sketching supply list to our free 50-page eBook, “Travel Sketching 101,” here’s everything you need to start connecting with the world through art.

“The living moment is everything.”

— D.H. Lawrence

Meet the Moment Sketchers

What’s special about our Moment Sketchers community is that we are truly global. So far we’ve had nearly 300 sketch artists take part in our challenges, in 70 countries and counting. But thanks to social media, we’re able to connect every month, see different parts of the world through our sketches, and find encouragement from each other.

Here’s what a few of the artists in our tribe have to say:

Moment Sketchers community

Rebecca Thering

Writer — United States

“I struggle to put into words how Moment Sketchers has already impacted my life — because how can one measure the serendipity of human connection? Sixteen pages into my first watercolor journal ever, I’ve already been reminded again and again just how valuable face-to-face connections are — thanks to interactions initiated by sketching.”

Moment Sketchers community

Jens Notroff

Archaeologist — Germany

“Both while traveling and at home in Berlin, I often wonder if I’ve really seen all those places stored on my camera’s SD card — if I really experienced them. This is what I enjoy about sketching so much and what makes Moment Sketchers so precious: feeling the pulse of a scene, the soul of a moment — and creating a memory which lasts.”

Victoria Hannah

Designer — Australia

When Candace started Moment Sketchers in 2017, a revolution started inside of me. There is wonderful support within this group of new friends worldwide and I am learning so much viewing all the different drawing styles and comments! This is a magical environment, and it has opened up a love that I had forgotten and put aside for many years.”

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